OpenTech Package

OpenTech is the first world wide package of free open source hardware
designs, software and Books for electronics designs.

Since 2000 we have sold OpenTech packages to Students, Professors,
Engineers, Startup and even large corporations.
In OpenTech package you will find many things that you can not imagine
they even exists as open source.

You will find CPUs , Ethernet, USB and other 300 designs. VHDL,
Verilog, Schematic, IC and board layout and many many other software
programs more than 300 programs. In short you will find lot of
information that helps you in designing your system or testing it.

The package is composed of 5DVDs that costs only 90 Euros. Use
free open source tools and designs in OpenTech package and save more
than $500,000 and more than 3 months of search and download time.

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